Thursday, July 9, 2015

Iowa County

Iowa county is known for two things in the state. The a large outlet mall in Williamsburg and the Amana Colonies both are the target of large tour buses full of retirement home residence (probably as part of one trip).

A lot of people in Iowa are confused about the nature of the colonies. They are NOT Amish. Although they are of German origin, and lived simply, they are not the same thing and did not shun technology when it would help. The fact that they ran a successful appliance company should give this away but the confusion still exists. Originally the colonies were a theocratic collective where nobody owned anything and your life was planned according to the needs of the (rather sexist) church.  What is left of that today is mostly a tourist trap of old timey german food and folk art. So just know what you're in for. Check out the museum (the history is pretty crazy), and try the braunschweiger and craft beer.

The courthouse in Marengo

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